Are your teeth heavily filled, damaged or root canal treated? Crowns can help to protect your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

A crown is used to cover a damaged tooth and can be made from porcelain, gold or a combination of these materials. Crowns are used to strengthen a damaged tooth and improve its appearance, shape or alignment.

Crowns are made in two appointments. At the first appointment the dentist will prepare your tooth and take impressions, before fitting you with a temporary crown. The impressions are then sent to the laboratory so our highly skilled dental technicians can craft a custom-made crown to help restore your tooth to its former glory. At your second appointment the dentist will cement the crown in place and make any adjustments to ensure that it fits perfectly into your bite.

Benefits of Crowns

  • Crowns can help to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.
  • Crowns can provide the best possible protection, to help extend the life of a tooth that has been damaged.
  • Crowns can last for many years provided they are properly cared for. However, once prepared for a crown a tooth will always need a crown, there’s no going back.
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What are crowns?

  • A crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth.
  • Crowns are an ideal restoration for teeth that have been broken or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling.
  • They can be made of porcelain or gold or a combination of these materials.

A dental crown can be used for a number of other reasons, for instance:

  • You may have a discoloured filling and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth.
  • You may have had a root filling which will need a crown to protect it.
  • It may help hold a bridge or denture firmly in place.

Excellent payment plan options are available, where you can pay over a period of 1-3 years.

The Procedure

Crowns can be used to mask a single dark tooth or can be part of a smiles makeover. All smile makeovers start with a cosmetic simulation where you and the Smiles on Broadway team can decide on the smile that is right for you.

When you are ready a 3D design of the cosmetic simulation is made so that it can be checked from all angles for aesthetics and function

The preparation of your teeth for crowns is made over two main appointments. During your first visit, your tooth will be trimmed to make room for the crown. An impression of your prepared tooth is taken so that your crown can be custom made.

Impressions are taken and temporary crowns are constructed from the 3D design model

During your second appointment, the custom-made crown is bonded onto your tooth, creating a more beautiful look and strong structure that looks and feels like a natural tooth. With the proper care, your porcelain crown should last long into the future.

We make another appointment for the patients to see how they are getting on with their new smile.

We also arrange portrait photos for the patients to take home with them.