General Dentistry

Want to improve your oral health and ensure you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible? Book an appointment at Smiles on Broadway today and find out how we can help you ensure your teeth always look their best.

Here at Smiles on Broadway we focus on preventive dentistry to ensure your teeth stay where they belong, in your mouth! By attending for regular, routine dental appointments, we can ensure that any problems are identified early and treated quickly, reducing the need for extensive, expensive dental treatment. Our highly experienced dentists have been treating the people of Southend and Thorpe Bay for many years, so have a wealth of knowledge to draw from, ensuring you always receive the best possible solution no matter what your concern.

Prior to beginning any treatment, we will always ensure that you receive a full and detailed treatment and are aware of all the possible options available to you.

Our website has details of all the treatments we offer, so please explore the treatments on offer to see how we can improve your life and your quality of life.

If you have any additional questions or would like to find out more information, do not hesitate to contact the surgery and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you in any way possible.