Want to save money? Regular dental examinations help to keep your teeth looking their best and ensure any problems are identified early reducing the need for extensive, expensive treatment

Here at Smiles on Broadway we endeavour to ensure all our patients have healthy mouths, giving you the confidence to smile proud! To do this we encourage all our patients to come and see us at regular intervals, usually every six months for a routine dental appointment. Your routine dental appointment provides the ideal opportunity for the dentist to complete a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums as well as discuss any problems you may be having and any aspirations you have for your smile.

At each visit we will carry out our unique 16-point dental health check

Our 16-point Dental Health Check:

1. Check your medical details.

2. Enquire if you have had any problems with your teeth since your last dental visit.

3. Check each of your teeth and their individual health and condition.

4. Check for the presence of soft debris (plaque) and hard debris (Tartar).

5. Examine the health of your gums.

6. Take regular x-rays to ensure areas underneath between and inside your teeth are healthy.

7. Ensure that dentistry you have had done in the past is healthy and stable.

8. Make sure your bite is comfortable, healthy and stable.

9. Examine the health of your muscles and jaw joint.

10. Check the soft part of the inside of your mouth. Like your tongue, under your tongue, inside of your cheeks; we look for lumps, and ulcers to complete our oral cancer check.

11. Check the skin on your face and neck for skin cancer.

12. Check your thyroid for any abnormalities.

13. Check your blood pressure (optional) to ensure that it is within the normal range.

14. Check your glands for swellings which could signify the presence of infection or other disease.

15. Perform an oral health check score which tells you how healthy your mouth is and which you can take home.

16. Carry out a tooth shade check.

Benefits of dental examinations

  • Dental examinations help to save you money by ensuring any problems are quickly identified and treated
  • Dental examinations help to reduce the risk of dental discomfort
  • Dental examinations help to ensure you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.