Laser Treatment

Concerned about the health of your gums? Worried you appear too gummy when you smile? Laser gum treatment can help to remove diseased gum tissue and improve the appearance of your smile.

Here at Smiles on Broadway we are able to use a concentrated beam of light to remove areas of infected or diseased gum tissue and overgrown gum from around teeth. Laser treatment can normally be completed in one visit, with the results visible immediately. Your mouth will be numbed prior to treatment using a local anaesthetic and as the laser naturally seals up the wounds as it cuts away the gums, there is no excess bleeding, no need for stiches and no open wounds which take time to heal. Your gums may feel sore and tender for a little while following treatment but any discomfort can normally be managed using over the counter pain killers.

Benefits of Laser Gum treatment

  • Laser gum treatment provides fast results, with only one appointment needed and results visible immediately.
  • Laser gum treatment is relatively pain free.
  • Laser gum treatment can in some cases improve the health of loose teeth.
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Laser Treatment

It isn’t just your teeth that need plenty of care and attention – your gums do too. Gum disease isn’t just unsightly, it can cause serious problems, including loss of teeth.

And, with around half of the population suffering with moderate to severe gum disease, isn’t it time you talked to the experts about using laser gum surgery to treat your infection?

What is laser gum surgery?

This technique uses a concentrated beam of light to remove areas of infection and overgrown gum around teeth.

How does it help?

Because a laser is incredibly accurate, it can be a very effective tool in cramped areas, such as your mouth. Using a laser reduces the need for local anaesthetic, minimises bleeding and swelling and promotes faster recovery times.

Is laser treatment dangerous?

The lasers used in oral treatments are very safe as they are only used by trained skilled professionals. In addition, the lasers are very low powered – essential when working on the delicate tissues within the mouth.

What laser gum surgery services does Smiles on Broadway offer?

At Smiles on Broadway, we know the potential laser gum surgery can offer to our clients. We can use our laser to cosmetically alter your gum line to improve your smile, or remove excess tissue which has accumulated as a result of medication or previous dental treatment. Alternatively, we can use the laser to remove diseased gum tissue – or gum that has grown over a decaying tooth – in turn giving you better access for improved dental hygiene.

If you would like to find out more about our laser gum treatment services, simply contact our team – we’re always happy to help. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about our payment plans and finance options, click here.