Wisdom Teeth

Have got to the stage where a tooth is no longer viable? It may be necessary to remove or extract it.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when a tooth can no longer be repaired or restored. In this instance it may be necessary to extract the tooth. Here at Smiles on Broadway we always see the extraction of a tooth as the very last result, so will only advise it to you if all other restorative measures fail or will not suffice.

There are two main types of extractions. Prior to both, the dentist will numb the area to ensure that you do not feel any pain. If it is a simple extraction, the dentist will use forceps to gently loosen the crown of the tooth above the gum line, slowly rocking it until the whole tooth can be removed cleanly. Surgical extraction is required when a tooth is severely damaged or in the case of a wisdom tooth that has not completely erupted. In this case the dentist will make a small incision to ensure that they can gain access to the affected tooth.

Benefits of extractions

  • Extractions can help to protect the surrounding teeth if there is a risk of infection spreading
  • Extractions can help to relieve pain and discomfort, improving your quality of life
  • Extractions can allow for additional prosthetics to restore your smile, such as dental implants, bridges or dentures.
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    Wisdom Teeth

    If you’re suffering with toothache then you may need to have an extraction – but taking out a tooth isn’t something to be undertaken lightly.

    Luckily, our professional team are highly experienced and now how to help relieve any pain you might be experiencing.

    Why are extractions necessary?

    If you are in pain and want to relieve any discomfort quickly and cheaply, extractions are a very good option. Extractions help to permanently remove pain and are relatively inexpensive. However, there are other methods that may be suitable, depending on the underlying issue.

    What kind of surgery options are there?

    There are two kinds of extraction – ‘simple’ and ‘complex’.

    Simple extractions involve a dentist loosening the crown above the gum line, slowly rocking it until the whole tooth can be removed cleanly.

    Complex – or surgical – extractions are undertaken when the simple approach is not suitable, for example when the crown breaks off leaving the tooth in the bone. These procedures involve minor incisions being made to allow the dentist to gain access to the affected tooth.

    How can Smiles on Broadway help?

    At Smiles on Broadway, our expert dental team can help relieve any pain you may be experiencing by undertaking appropriate oral surgery.

    With a wealth of experience and a calm manner, they can swiftly remove affected teeth with the minimum of fuss and discomfort.

    If you would like to find out more about our oral surgery services, simply contact our team – we’re always happy to help.